This activity is jointly provided Medical Education Resources, Inc., a non-profit medical education company, and Aesthetic Extender Symposium.

Target Audience

The Aesthetic Extender Symposium is designed for an audience of physicians, physician assistants, nurses and nurse practitioners who work under the direct supervision of dermatologists, facial plastic surgeons, oculoplastic surgeons, and plastic surgeons, and commonly assist with cosmetic surgery and medicine.

Program Overview

The Aesthetic Extender Symposium is an annual educational conference aimed to educate and train an audience of aesthetic physician extenders by providing innovative education on the newest therapies, technologies and procedures in dermatology and aesthetic medicine. The symposium will provide attendees with skills and techniques that can be immediately adapted to their current practice environment. In 2021, the Aesthetic Extender Symposium will be provided as a live conference and a virtual conference.

Statement of Need

Due to the increasing demand for aesthetic procedures, it is not uncommon for patients to encounter a menu of aesthetic supplies and procedures from which to choose. There is a wide range, including injectables, devices, and minimally invasive techniques. With a plethora of options, it is imperative that medical practitioners are familiar with the scientific evidence of each modality to best meet their clients’ needs for affordability, efficacy, and safety. The Aesthetic Extender Symposium will discuss at length trends in aesthetics, while taking care to educate attendees on the science behind a multitude of aesthetic products and services. This will be done utilizing several proven learning techniques, such as hands-on learning, expert panel discussions, and didactic lectures.