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Scott Callahan, PA-C

Scott is a Physician Assistant who founded Dolce Vida Medical Spa in 2010 with the primary goal of helping people maintain a vibrant, youthful appearance. His mission is to assist people to feel great about their personal presentation and to boost their self-esteem.

He specializes in enhancing, corrective procedures and facial filler administration with a keen, discerning eye for detail. Scott is well known for his knowledge, skill and expertise with just the right filler placement in order to deliver a refreshed, natural-looking result. This has contributed to his notoriety and he is currently the top (#1) injector in the entire state of Connecticut. Scott is the expert trainer/educator for multiple companies including Suneva, Galderma, Harvest Terumo and Merz. He is a trainer/educator for Bellafill for the East Coast and was the very first injector of Bellafill in the state of Connecticut. He has been featured on multiple local and network television shows including a featured spot on The Style Network.

Scott shares his knowledge and expertise as a lecturer/speaker at multiple aesthetic medical conferences throughout the country. He is highly skilled with cannula techniques, fat transfer procedures, PRP injectables, resurfacing laser techniques, lip augmentation, tear trough eye correction and Botox brow lifts. Scott has worked in the medical field for more than 16 years and has past experience in Plastic Surgery, General Surgery and Pediatric/Adult Cardiac Surgery. His professional manner and his highly skilled knowledge base has helped to contribute to his success with achieving great results and complete client satisfaction. He is known for spending extra time with each client to achieve the best results possible, as he views each individual as special with unique needs. Scott is a highly regarded mentor, exceptional practitioner and leading authority in the field of Aesthetic Medicine.