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Joni Collins, DMS, PA-C

Dr. Collins is a seventeen-year medical veteran. She is a Doctor of Medical Science and a Certified Physician Assistant for almost two decades.

Joni teaches nationally and her approach is rooted in empowering others through education and service. Joni has two clinics. Her business model is based on the fact that we age every day therefore we need an acute game plan and a maintenance game plan. Dr. Collins believes in combination therapy. Her extensive knowledge and background in facial plastics head and neck surgery, cardiology, reproductive endocrinology, psychology, hospitalist and internal medicine makes for a consistent and authentic product. For those seeking a more preventative route with regenerative medicine, Dr Collins provides extensive evaluations that include a concierge medicine approach while offering aesthetics wrapped up in a one of a kind elite experience.

After mentoring under several successful business mentors, Dr. Collins developed Twelve Twenty Eight Mobile Medical Wellness, the first traveling aesthetic and concierge practice for home bound patients. The practice is best known for its spiritual and physical therapy for scar and trauma patients .A 1973 vintage Airstream serves as an umbrella for permits to not only serve others but also to create a unique and safe experience.

Dr Collins offers aesthetic trainings that include a three day one on one course. Just last year she taught over sixty-eight PA and ARNP men and women. Over fifty have successfully started their own medical practice as a result within the year following training. In addition to being a mother to twin girls, Joni is also an Instructor for the AHA. She teaches ACLS/ BLS. She is a certified Life Coach and a Certified Aesthetic Consultant. She also is an active member of The NFL Alumni.

Her favorite combination treatment is the THE 1228 protocol TM , PDOThreads with inject via microcannulas of platelet rich fibrin.

Dr. Collins innovative research can be found in books and trainings across the country ( Boston Biolife, FAPA, GAPA) .Dr. Collins has a passion for Oncology Aesthetics where regenerative healing assists in recovery Dr Collins is currently researching PRF for regenerative and sexual wellness. Joni currently is working with the Cell Surgical Network. In addition is researching PRF in combination with autologous fat transfer in the post operative oncology patient. As a result of her continual commitment to being an advocate for her patients she recently obtained certification in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.